Fall 2018 Red Peonies
Named Double Red --3/5 Eye Divisions @ 4.00 (unless listed otherwise)

Red Varieties

Fall special 3/5 eye red mix...$3.00each  (minimum 50) ......$2.00each (minimum 1,000)


Some varieties also available in 5/8 eye divisions @ $6.00---- and in 9/14 eye divisions @ $10.50  (these sizes are available for a limited time, and according to 3rd summer growth.. Order Early)

The minimum order is 10 3/5 eye divisions per variety. FOR EACH DIVISION LESS THAN MINIMUM, ADD $1.00 PER NUMERICAL INCREMENT LESS THAN 10...SEE BELOW

1 3/5 EYE DIVISION @ $13.00

At Swedish Touch Peonies, we specialize in providing our customers with a great selection of healthy, vibrant peony roots.
All orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and we strive to ship all orders the week the confirmation requests. All packages are shipped from our Hamburg, Iowa, cold storage facility via UPS Ground service, unless other arrangements are made.

For more info or questions call my cell 712-382-0403, or email sjulinvicki@gmail.com

Swedish Touch Peonies, 2972 Swedish Rd., Hamburg, Ia. 51640 ,  712-382-0403 cell, or email sjulinvicki@gmail.com  Wholesale accounts only