Fall 2019 Pinks
Named Double Pink--3/5 Eye Divisions @$4.25 each (unless listed otherwise)

Swedish Touch Pink Peonies

Pink Varieties

Unnamed double pink 3/5 eye divisions $4.00,...5/8 eye$6.50,...9/14 eye $11.25

Some named varieties will also be available in 5/8 eye @ $6.50--.$9.00.( 9/14 eye .inquire for named varieties).. Choices will be limited after Oct 1st, as we begin dividing for our fields. (ORDER THESE SIZES EARLY!)

The minimum order is  50 ROOTS TOTAL.....AT LEAST 10 divisions per variety (except 9/14 eye if available). There is a $1.00 per numeral increment charge,  per division, for orders not meeting this minimum...see below..

Any roots less than the minimum will be charged at retail cost....all based on 3/5 eye divisions

1 root @ $13.25...(for each additional division to 10 deduct $1.00 per 3/5 eye division)

Swedish Touch Peonies, 2972 Swedish Rd., Hamburg, Ia. 51640 ,  712-382-0403 cell, or email sjulinvicki@gmail.com  Wholesale accounts only